Finding a new dentist doesn’t have to feel like a grand choose-your-own-adventure experience! Researching different dentists can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you find someone with a diverse array of therapies. For example, you might need someone who can provide high-quality cleaning, great implants, and cavity management to keep your teeth strong.

Basic Cleaning

Around 99% of all your dental care will be basic cleaning visits. Try to schedule these at least three to four times a year to keep your teeth strong. Before choosing a dentist, read online reviews – focus on the quality of their cleaning, their friendliness during treatment, and other important facts.

Obviously, most dentists will provide basic cleaning – but others provide more advanced options. For example, find someone who uses sound-based cleaning – it’s not just a fad! Soundwaves break apart a lot of plaque and make your teeth even more beautiful. Winner, winner!

Emergency Care

Look, we get it: dental emergencies happen. In fact, they happen a lot – and typically when we’re least expecting them! Contact sports and labor-intensive jobs increase your risk. What if you trip over your own feet (we’ve all done it) and chip a tooth? You need emergency care ASAP!

Emergency dental care differs from traditional treatment in a few ways. First, you don’t need an appointment. Secondly, you typically need surgery in a dental emergency. Hey, there’s no shame in accidentally losing a tooth – just make sure your dentist knows how to fix it!

Dental Surgeries

Lastly, find a dentist who provides high-quality surgeries, including cavity fixes, bridges, and much more. Implants are particularly important because they can help restore missing teeth. According to Fortune Business Insights, the implant market is $4.12 billion and likely to hit $6.34 billion by 2029!

You know what that means, right – there’s an increasing demand for implant surgery. Thankfully, most dentists can provide you with a great implant. That doesn’t mean everybody does – some contract implant work out to specialized dental surgeons. Regardless, it should be available in some way.

Whether you need basic cavity fixes, brand-new implants, or complex oral surgery, finding a great dentist can help you! By working with a team you can trust, you can protect your teeth and avoid long-term problems. Please don’t hesitate to contact Tory Hill Dental today to learn more about our dental service!