Dentures are a common dentistry option for individuals who experience tooth loss. According to Statista, the number of Americans who use dentures is expected to rise to 42.46 million by 2024, compared to 40.99 million Americans using them in 2020. An individual might experience tooth loss and need dentures for many reasons. Anything from gum disease to injury could cause tooth loss for an adult. Here are three of the most common signs you might need to see a dentist for dentures.

Missing or Damaged Teeth

Individuals to dentures primarily because of missing or damaged teeth. Missing teeth can take a real toll on your confidence. You might find it difficult to smile or speak because you are missing one or more teeth. You might even have teeth that are damaged and getting worse. If you have one or more missing or damaged teeth, it might be time for dentures. You can contact a dentist to book a consultation if you think you might be ready to make this change.

Chronic Toothaches

Tooth pain can quickly become all you can think about throughout your day. Tooth pain is a sign that your tooth’s decay has become severe and reached the nerve at the tooth’s center. If you’re experiencing chronic tooth pain in more than one tooth, you might be ready to consult a dentist to consider dentures. However, there may be other options available to alleviate your pain.

Sensitive or Bleeding Gums

Sensitive, inflamed, swollen, or bleeding gums can indicate gingivitis or periodontal condition. Many Americans experience gum disease. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. This problem is usually a result of improper dental hygiene. You should ensure that you’re taking the proper steps in caring for your teeth if you have gum disease. If it’s left untreated, you could suffer from tooth loss and need to look into getting fitted for dentures.

Final Thoughts

Many adults experience tooth loss over the course of their lives. It’s a common occurrence, and you shouldn’t be ashamed. You may want to consider dentures if you’re experiencing tooth loss for several reasons. Millions of Americans use dentures to bring their smiles back to life. Contact Tory Hill Dental today to request an appointment if you think you might be ready for dentures.