Losing your natural teeth can feel like the end of your beautiful smile. However, modern dentistry offers excellent tooth replacement options that can restore your grin. Dentures are customized prosthetic teeth that clip or screw into your mouth. When properly fitted by your dentist, dentures can vastly improve the look and function of your smile. According to Statista, as of 2020, 40.99 million Americans used dentures. By 2024, 42.46 million are expected to use them. Keep reading to learn three ways getting dentures can transform your appearance.

1. Feel Confident Showing Your Teeth

Having missing front teeth or large gaps in your smile can make you want to hide your mouth when you laugh or talk. This leads to awkward smiles in photos or feeling self-conscious during conversations. Getting a partial or full set of realistic-looking dentures that fill in those embarrassing spaces can restore your self-assurance. Well-made customized dentures from a dentistry professional fit the unique contours of your gums and jawline, blending seamlessly with your facial features. You’ll have that natural, vibrant smile back in no time.

2. Correct Crooked, Misaligned, or Worn Teeth

If your natural teeth grow in crowded or crooked, they can be difficult to brush and floss properly at home. Misaligned teeth also create an unbalanced appearance that makes you hesitant to fully show your teeth. Over many years, the uneven wear and chipping can get pretty unsightly. Custom dentures are created new just for you, with teeth set in straight rows for optimal aesthetics and gum health. The porcelain teeth on dentures don’t change shape over time like natural teeth either, so you’ll keep that amazing aligned look for years of comfortable wear.

3. Renew a Youthful Appearance

As you get older, years of staining, wear, recession, and other issues take a toll on your natural smile. Missing, rotten, or broken teeth can make you look and feel older than your age. Getting a personalized set of dentures fitted to your gums and jaw can shave years off your appearance. The right teeth-whitening shade and molding will closely match the look you had in your youth. Unlike veneers or implants, affordable dentures are removable too. This means you can easily clean them every night to keep your smile looking freshly brightened.

If you’re tired of hiding your smile, today’s quality dentures offer the natural-looking, straight, full set of teeth you’ve always wished for. See your dentist to discuss whether partials, full dentures, or dental implants are right for your needs and budget. With an exam and x-rays, they can recommend the optimal tooth replacement solutions to beautifully transform your smile. Call Tory Hill Dental today to discuss your dentistry needs and how we can help improve your smile.