Making the switch to dentures is one of the most dreaded parts of dentistry for many people, but dentures aren’t nearly as scary or unappealing as you may think. According to Statista, 40.99 million Americans used dentures in 2020, and that number is projected to grow to 42.46 million by 2024. Before thinking about dentures, it’s important to be aware that these five common myths are inaccurate.

1. Dentures Look Fake

There was a time when dentures didn’t look real, but dentistry has come a long way over the years. Modern dentures look a lot like your real teeth, so you don’t have to worry about drastically changing your appearance when you get dentures.

2. Dentures Don’t Stay Put

Again, this was a problem that was more common with dentures in the past. Dentures are generally attached to implants in your jawline, which allow them to stay put when you’re eating, talking, or doing anything else you might do on a regular day.

3. You Don’t Have to Take Care of Dentures

Just because dentures aren’t real teeth doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of them. Your dentures need to be cleaned just like your teeth do, and dirty dentures can still lead to major problems in the form of gum disease and infections.

4. Dentures Aren’t Customized

It used to be that dentures were more of a one-size-fits-all solution, but that was in the old days of dentistry. Nowadays, your dentist can fit you with a custom set of dentures that look and feel right in your mouth, so you can still eat, drink, talk, and smile like you used to.

5. Dentures Don’t Require Dentist Visits

Dentures aren’t an excuse to stop going to the dentist either. Just like you have to keep your dentures clean to prevent complications, you still need to visit your dentist for cleanings every once in a while. Taking care of your gums is still important, and regular dentist visits can help you spot and put a stop to potential problems with your dentures.

Adjusting to life with dentures can be difficult, but modern advancements have made it a lot easier to maintain a sense of normalcy with dentures. That being said, you still need to take care of them. If you think you might need dentures, call Tory Hill Dental to schedule an appointment.