The right family dentist cares about more than just your oral health.

Choosing the right dentist for you and your family is just one of many important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Some pitfalls can occur when choosing a dentist outside of your network, or a dentist who has limited dental specializations doesn’t use the latest dental technology or doesn’t offer convenient payment options. Aside from these things, it is essential to find a family dentist that genuinely cares. But what exactly should your family dentist care about, and why should you care?

1. Your family dentist should care about you, the whole person.

Your oral health serves as the gateway to your overall health, and for this reason, your family dentist needs to take the time to get to know you. Your family dentist should care about getting to know you as a person, including some of your interests. Your dentist should also take great care in understanding your medical and dental history.

A good family dentist in Buxton, Maine, will want to understand everything they can about you to ensure that you receive the best dental care possible, and that should be one of the top things you care about when looking for a dentist.

2. They should understand your dental anxiety.

Many adults have dental anxiety, but there are strategies to lose your fear of the dentist. Aside from practicing relaxation techniques, reminding yourself that you are in control during your dental appointment, and listening to music during your visits, it also helps to talk to your dentist directly about your dental anxiety. When your dentist understands your fears and concerns, they can do a better job of creating an environment that is less stressful for you.

Further, your dentist can help to explain your treatments in a way that will put your mind at ease. And remember how we mentioned the latest dental technology? If you have dental anxiety, be sure to ask your new dentist about the technologies they have to offer. Many of these high-tech solutions are designed to make your trips to the dentist quicker, more comfortable, and pain-free.

3. Your family dentist should educate you on prevention.

So what is prevention in the world of modern dentistry? Preventive dentistry is the practice of helping you to maintain good oral health. Dental prevention consists of regular dental checkups (every six months) and good oral habits, including brushing twice per day, flossing once per day, and rinsing after brushing with a fluoridated mouthwash. Further, dental prevention starts when you are young, so the best family dentist will educate children on these same concepts so that they can set a foundation for good oral health down the road.

Preventive dental care also includes standard services at the dentist’s office, including regular oral exams, teeth cleaning, and routine X-rays. Some dentists also refer to preventive dentistry as general dentistry and offer additional services such as root canals, periodontal therapy, tooth extractions, and night guards for those who experience bruxism (tooth grinding).

4. They should understand the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Our smiles are important for so many reasons. Not only do we feel good when we smile, but we make others feel good as well. Smiles are a huge component of our self-confidence, and when our smiles are anything less than what we want them to be, they can play a negative part in our overall well-being.

Many family dentists offer cosmetic dentistry services that can help you to reinvent your smile. Often referred to as smile makeovers, these specific services can include teeth whitening, veneers, porcelain bridges, porcelain crowns, tooth-colored fillings, dental bonding, and gum contouring. Ensure that your family dentist understands the importance of your smile and offers the solution to ensure that you have the smile you want.

5. Your family dentist should care about what patients have to say.

What others have to say about their experiences with your family dentist can go a long way. This doesn’t mean that you should read online reviews and make a decision based solely on what those reviews have to say, but you should certainly pay attention. Many family dentists will publish patient testimonials directly on their website. You can also check into reviews on Facebook and Yelp to help you better understand what other patients have to say.

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