Transform your smile.

Porcelain veneers are a conservative approach to a dramatic difference in the appearance of your teeth. If you are dealing with stains, chips, minor crookedness, or damaged enamel, dental veneers can help give you the beautiful smile of your dreams.

As with any dental procedure, you might have some questions, and we’re here to help.

So, let’s get to it!

1. What is a veneer?

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure where a thin film of porcelain is skillfully fitted and bonded to your teeth. While there are two main types of veneers — porcelain and resin — at Tory Hill Dental, we use porcelain veneers, which are stronger, longer lasting, more resistant to stains, and more natural-looking than their resin counterparts.

2. How do I know if veneers are right for me?

We want you to have a healthy smile, as well as a beautiful one. If there are any issues, such as poor gum health or tooth decay, that require restorative dentistry, it’s important to address those first before getting veneers.

But if that’s not a problem and you’re looking to deal with more cosmetic issues with your teeth, such as misalignments, discolorations, chips, or short teeth, veneers can be a great choice.

3. What is the process of getting a veneer like?

The process of getting a veneer is rather straightforward. It starts with a conversation. We want to make sure you are properly informed and that veneers are the right choice for you. Together, if we decide they are, we start by removing a small amount of enamel from your tooth. While it is not a lot, in some cases only a few millimeters, this step in the process is irreversible.

Once your teeth are prepared, the next step is to make an impression of the prepared tooth or teeth to make sure the finished veneers fit perfectly. These impressions are then sent off to a lab to be made. In some cases, between appointments and while your new veneers are made, you’ll be given temporary veneers, often made of a composite resin. This time also serves as a sort of trial period, where you can discover if you would like your veneers to be shaped differently or adjusted before the permanent ones are affixed.

Then, once they’re ready, we will call you back in and get everything squared away. Your temporary veneers will be removed, and your brand new ones will be bonded to your teeth.

It is perfectly natural for your teeth or gums to be a bit sore after this process. It should not be a place of much concern, and ibuprofen is a great option to help with any lingering discomfort. However, if this feeling continues for more than a few days, you should go ahead and contact us, and we will see if there is anything we can do to help.

4. How do I take care of my veneers?

While porcelain dental veneers are sturdy, they are no substitute for good oral hygiene. You should still brush and floss at least twice a day. And if you are someone who grinds or clenches their teeth, we recommend using a night guard while you sleep.

If you have a habit of chewing on pens or excessively biting your nails, you should work on curbing it because it can damage your porcelain veneers over time. And while they are stain-resistant, they are not impervious. To keep your smile at its whitest, you should be aware of substances that might stain your veneers, such as coffee, cigarettes, soda, or red wine.

It is not common, but dental veneers can become loose over time or break under pressure. Should they break, do not try to fix it yourself. Save the veneer, if possible, schedule an appointment to come in, and we will get you fixed up. And if you notice a diminished appearance in your veneers, you can always come back in to get them polished.

5. How much do veneers cost?

The cost will vary depending on where in your mouth you are having them done and on how many teeth. While they’re not cheap, they can make a huge difference for a long time. It is common for porcelain veneers to last for 10 to15 years. Beyond that, our clients have reported to us that cosmetic veneers have made a large impact on their self-confidence on a daily basis.

No veneer is the same. Each is made specifically for your tooth, with the utmost care and precision, helping ensure a perfect smile for years to come.

Since dental veneers are categorized as a cosmetic procedure, some insurance providers do cover it. You should check with your respective insurance provider to see if dental veneers are covered. In such cases where it is covered, the procedure must be discussed with both your insurance provider and your prosthodontist.

6. What are the benefits of veneers?

Veneers help you get your dream smile. They cover cosmetic inconsistencies in your teeth that might bother you, and they provide you with a natural-looking, stain-resistant smile. Even orthodontics, which realign your teeth, do nothing to reverse or protect your smile from staining.

Do you think you’re ready to get a brand new smile with the help of dental veneers?

If so, the team at Tory Hill Dental is eager to help. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions at all, you can give the Tory Hill Dental office a call or you can use our online Request An Appointment form to get started on your journey to a new smile today.