Get some fresh air, nurture your family bond, and eat some delicious local food this summer in Buxton.

Summer is a time to enjoy the warm, sunny weather and to get outdoors to explore our beautiful home of Buxton, Maine.

Here are 7 ways you and your family can embrace healthy living while having fun this summer season.

1. Plant an herb or flower garden in your yard or on your balcony this summer.

Did you know that gardening can help you relieve stress, reduce risks of disease, and boost your mood? Gardening is a wonderful summer activity for families. A bed of beautiful flowers will bring a smile to anyone’s face and a simple herb garden is equally rewarding—plus you can include your freshly grown herbs in your meals!

If you don’t have a yard, no worries. Container gardening is a great option for those short on space. Even tending to houseplants offers the same health benefits.

2. Go outside and learn more about our native flora and fauna.

Summer is a time for fun, and it’s also a great time to learn something new. Grab your binoculars, a couple of field guides, and get outside to see what you can identify. Kids and adults alike will quickly find themselves pointing out our native wildlife, birds, tree species, and more.

Amazon is a great resource for field guides, but don’t forget to check out local libraries and bookshops as well.

3. Visit our local parks to hike, fish, kayak, or bike.

We have some beautiful public parks in our area, all of which deserve to be visited. You might even make it a summer goal to visit each one with your family.

All six Buxton public parks can be found here, along with a quick description of them. You’ll find that most of our parks are perfect for walking, biking, or having a picnic. For hiking you may need to leave Buxton if you’re looking for moderate to challenging trails. This site offers great information on the best hiking trails near Buxton.

As far as kayaking, fishing, and watersports go, the Saco River is a popular spot to enjoy the water.

4. Hit the pool or a local swimming hole to cool off on a hot day this summer.

What’s summer without going for a swim? You can get some exercise, cool off, and have a day of fun at one of our local swimming holes. Many of the parks we mentioned before also have water features.

Families with young children will find the shallow water at Bonny Eagle Park to be a great way to introduce kids to swimming. Pleasant Point Park by the Saco River is also a great swimming area with supervision as the water is deeper here.

5. Support local restaurants by trying out a new place every week this summer.

Going out for dinner on a warm evening is often a wonderful time, especially if the restaurant has comfortable outdoor seating. Buxton is home to many local restaurants of all types, and many of them are still recovering from closures in 2020. You can give back to these local eateries and enjoy time with your family by trying out a new place every week or every month.

To keep things healthy, try to look for meals on the menu that are on the lighter side, or maybe try a vegetarian dish.

6. Protect your skin and your eyes on those bright sunny summer days.

Nutritious food and staying active are two things that quickly come to mind when thinking about staying healthy this summer. But don’t forget about your skin and your eyes. As wonderful as sunny weather is, it’s important to protect yourself from it as well. A little bit of sun is great for raising your vitamin D levels, but it’s crucial to protect yourself with sunscreen—even on days where it seems cloudy.

Your eyes also need protection from the sun. Invest in a decent pair of sunglasses with UV protection rather than a cheap $5 pair from a gas station. Not only will you feel great wearing them, but you’ll also be shielding your eyes from potentially damaging rays.

7. Take care of your preventive care appointments ahead of time.

While you and your family are planning your summer adventures, don’t forget to check the calendar and see if anyone is due for a checkup with the dentist. Keeping a schedule of checkups and cleanings every six months ensures everyone’s smiles are healthy, clean, and ready to shine in those summer vacation pictures.

Check off “dentist appointments” from your to-do list by calling us today.

In just a few minutes you can get your family’s dental checkups and cleanings booked before summer is in full swing. Give our office a call or fill out this quick online form to schedule a time. If you have multiple family members needing appointments, be sure to let us know. Sometimes we can schedule multiple visits on the same day.