Using technology to provide you with better dental care.

Technology is constantly adapting, often changing our lives for the better—from making daily tasks easier to saving lives in the medical field. Similarly, advances in dentistry have led to more comfortable and effective treatments. If you’re looking for a Buxton dentist, knowing that your dentist has the knowledge and skill to use advanced dental technology effectively can be a huge relief.

Our Modern Dental Technology

We use a wide variety of cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best care possible, from a great experience at our office to amazing treatment results. Some of the technology we use to treat patients like you includes the following innovations.

Biolase Dental Lasers

The Tory Hill Team uses the Biolase water laser and gum laser to treat issues like cavities and gum disease. These tools are precise enough to be used for gum contouring and have a number of advantages over traditional dental tools. Dental lasers target decay specifically, so they leave more healthy tissue intact. When used on gum tissue, the Biolase gum laser results in faster healing with no scar tissue. All of this leads to more comfort during and after your procedure. Another advantage of Biolase is that it is also quieter, which can help ease anxiety in patients who are irritated by the noise of dental tools.

E4D Dentist System

This system allows us to design and mill custom-made dental restorations like crowns, veneers, and more right in our office. The system uses a digital scanner to produce a 3D digital image of your teeth and bite in just a few seconds. It’s a faster, more comfortable, and even more accurate way to get a model of your mouth than the impression that dental putty creates. We then use this 3D image of your mouth to design your dental restoration. Procedures that generally take several weeks to complete, such as dental crowns that need to be milled in an outside lab, suddenly take only a single visit using this technology.

AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0

This is an air polishing unit that allows us to comfortably remove plaque from a variety of structures in your mouth both above and below your gum line. It can be used on gum tissue, tooth roots, dental restorations, tooth enamel, and more. This makes it an incredibly useful tool to help you reclaim your oral health and ensure that your teeth are free of plaque.

Digital X-rays

This piece of advanced dental technology has become relatively commonplace in dental practices. Since digital X-rays appear on a computer right away, you won’t spend time waiting around for your X-rays to develop. You can get an almost instant diagnosis. Digital X-rays also expose you to less radiation than traditional X-rays do.

Advanced Dental Technology and You

Receiving treatment from cutting-edge dental technology has a wide range of benefits throughout the diagnosis and treatment process. You’ll experience faster, more convenient, and more comfortable treatment than traditional methods can provide—all without sacrificing the quality of your treatment. In fact, these advanced methods actively provide better treatment results with less discomfort or pain.

How we make a difference for our patients.

Keeping up with the latest cutting-edge dental practices and technology takes dedication and continued education. The time that our staff invests in this shows just how much we really care about our patients. We want to provide you with the best possible care so that you can maintain top-notch oral health for years to come. This continued education doesn’t simply stop at the latest technology—we also keep track of the latest dental procedures and techniques to ensure that we’re providing you with the best, most comfortable care available.

Technology is constantly changing and improving, so we work hard to ensure that we’re providing you with cutting-edge, effective treatments that will give you the best experience possible throughout your treatment process. Come and experience how much easier and more comfortable your dental visit will be thanks to this technology by booking your next appointment with us!