Why do people get Dental Implants?

Due to an ever-increasing lifespan, tooth loss is one of the most common dental issues faced by Americans. Regardless of how advanced dental care and oral hygiene have become, replacing loose or missing teeth is still an accepted dental treatment to fix damage caused by periodontal disease, tooth loss, injury, or just the natural ravages of time.

It used to be that, if you were missing a tooth (or several), being fitted with uncomfortable dentures was the only treatment option that you had. They were sometimes unattractive and required a lot of maintenance, conventional dentures were the last resort for some doctors. However, that is now a thing of the past because you can now receive dental implants courtesy of Dr. Fenn and the Tory Hill Dental team.

Dental Implants & Tory Hill Dental

Dr. Fenn of Tory Hill Dental is the premier expert in dental implantology in the Buxton, Maine area. Applying the most progressive techniques and technology, Dr. Fenn provides his patients with the smile they deserve. With our core philosophy of “comfort and quality”, Tory Hill Dental is the number one destination for all of your cosmetic dental needs. To schedule an appointment today, visit our website by clicking here: Tory Hill Dental or by calling our front desk at 207.929.6626.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants from your dentist are the life-lasting, attractive, tooth replacement choice for the selective patient. Different from dentures (or even crowns), dental implants can replace the entire tooth down to its core, offering a safe footing for your teeth replacements. Post-treatment, your implants will work like your original teeth – only now they will be straighter and whiter!

Dental implants are definitely one of the most inviting alternatives to old-school tooth replacement choices. Since getting an implant does not demand the usual “trimming” of the teeth on either side of the missing one, more of your healthy teeth will remain intact – improving your long-term dental health goals. Additionally, dental implants are personally made to bond to your jaw bone, thus becoming your permanent teeth. This makes them hold better, look more natural, and work like your regular teeth while saving the wearer any further upkeep that is usually required with conventional treatments.

Can I receive Implants?

If you live in the Buxton area and are looking for a tooth replacement alternative to dentures, you needn’t look farther than dental implants courtesy of Tory Hill Dental. Plan to have a no-pressure consultation with Dr. Fenn now, to have the beaming grin that you’ve always wanted.

When should I Get Dental Implants?

Hesitating to accept any needed medical treatment carries many risks, and it’s the same with cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. If you have severely damaged (or missing) teeth, you are playing roulette with your overall health. Spanning all medical specialties, correlations have been found between dental issues and other – even scarier – conditions. By choosing not to confront your dental- health needs, there is an increased chance of: stroke or heart attack, diabetes, excruciating and extensive inflammation, kidney or liver disorders, malnutrition, depression, even some forms of cancer! Suffice it to say, you should contact a cosmetic or general dentist immediately.

Do not settle for an “okay” dental treatment. Your Tory Hill Dental team is here to address any and all of your cosmetic dental needs. Plan a risk-free consultation with Dr. Fenn by visiting ToryHillDental.com today!