As we begin to welcome in the cool crisp weather, we begin to change our diet as well. We trade in our iced tea for hot tea, and our BBQ foods for heartier stews. It’s important to remember that some of our favorites tend to tinge our pearly whites. However, there are plenty of foods that do the reverse. Keep these choices in mind as we welcome the autumn season:

Fruit. Apples are known to play a huge role in good health, but it’s the crispiness of the apple doing most of the work. Biting into an apple helps strengthen your gums, while the juiciness of the apple produces saliva, clearing out cavity-forming bacteria. Another autumn fruit that does similar work while also neutralizing odor-causing, staining bacteria for your teeth is the pear. If you are looking for citrus, try an orange. Not only is vitamin C good for you, but the citric acid also scours your teeth.

Vegetables. When it comes to vegetables, we would never correlate an onion as a dental secret, but if you eat anything oniony, you’re much more apt to brush your teeth afterward. Ever notice broccoli looks like a toothbrush? Munching on these little “brushes” will not only supply your body with iron but will give your teeth a quick scrub. And celery is basically Mother Nature’s version of floss.

Dairy. Chockful of calcium, foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese strengthen your teeth and gums. The stronger your teeth enamel is, the whiter & healthier they become.

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