It’s that time of year again – when we show the one we love that we care by showering them in love and affection. And more often than not, this includes lots of heart-shaped candy. And while these little holiday notions are lovely thoughts on this day of lovers, they aren’t exactly the healthiest for our smiles.

The main issue we have with candy and our dental health is that the sugar in candy breaks down tooth enamel. Once broken down, these teeth will begin to develop tooth decay and a dental visit will be necessary. So, when you are looking for the ideal gift for your significant other, try to stay away from these particular options to keep their loving smiles as big as possible:

Sour candy. These types of sugary treats are the worst for our smiles because they contain extreme amounts of citric, fumaric and malic acids, all of which do major damage to our teeth. The acids in these sour confections wreak havoc in record time. Avoid these sour candies as much as possible.

Gummy candy. Gummy candy tends to be less sugary than others, but because they are sticky, the damage they do is slightly different. If you have dental implants or braces it is best to avoid these, as they can loosen or even cause these dental fixtures to dislodge.

Hard candy. Because of the nature of these sweet treats, hard candies tend to stay in our mouths longer. This gives bacteria more time to hunker down in your mouth if not brushed regularly. Additionally, biting into hard candies can also cause dental issues so it is important not to do that as well.

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