8 4th of July Ideas for Everyone in the Family

It’s almost that time of the year! Hot dogs, burgers, and delicious baked goods are a traditional way to celebrate 4th of July, America’s birthday. Kick-off your festivities with one of these 8 ideas from Tory Hill Dental—Buxton’s favorite family dentist—and you may just give the trademark Independence Day fireworks show a run for its money.

1. Take a hike.

Break away from the usual 4th of July activities and go on a hike on one of the nearby trails in Buxton, Maine. Pleasant Point Park, for instance, has a 2-mile loop trail that’s perfect for the whole family. If you start the trail early enough you’ll be back home in time to catch the fireworks show and with stories of your epic family adventures.

2. Go on a picnic.

Going on a picnic is one of our favorite things to do in the summertime. You get to spend time outdoors, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air after months of being stuck inside. Now, if you switch the usual picnic fare of potato salads, sandwiches, and rolls for some red, white, and blue treats, you’ll turn this everyday activity into a fun Independence Day festivity.

3. Throw an arts and crafts party.

In the words of Bruce Garrabrandt, “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” There’s never a wrong time to nurture your creative side, so why not throw an arts and crafts party on the 4th of July. Younger kids can make patriotic flag pins or beaded star jewelry from red, white, and blue beads and a safety pin. If you have some old sunglasses in the house, you can add stars and stripes using felt pens or add any other patriotic embellishments. You may even want to try dressing up an old pair of white shoes in a flag-themed style and wearing them to the family barbecue get-together.

4. Have a pool party.

There’s no better time to enjoy your pool than on the fourth of July. Everyone can relax and unwind as they cool off from the summer heat. All you need to do is add red, white, and blue inflatable pool floats, beach balls, and noodles to give your celebrations that Independence Day touch. The kids will have an amazing time playing pool games like Marco Polo or Sharks and Minnows.

5. Decorate T-shirts.

Independence Day celebrations aren’t only about what you eat or how you decorate your home—they’re also about what you wear. One easy way to wear your patriotic spirit on your sleeves (read: body) is to turn an ordinary white T-shirt into the perfect 4th of July attire. Simply cover your kids’ hands with red and blue paint (trust us here). Let them make handprints on the T-shirt then use silver glitter paint to add little fireworks. You can also turn some of the handprints into flags. Or go all out and make one of these tie dye patriotic-themed designs.

6. Visit the beach.

Take a trip to the beach and celebrate the 4th of July in Buxton, Maine, with style. Your kids will love the Beachfront Palace Playland Park at Old Orchard Beach. You can build sandcastles at the beach where everyone marks their territory with red, white, or blue sand, colored shells, or any homemade patriotic embellishments. On the pier, the whole family can take a spin on the Ferris wheel, eat ice cream to help cool off from the summertime heat, and go on a whale-watching tour. What’s more? Old Orchard Beach also has its own Fourth of July fireworks show.

7. Stage a play.

Families with a love for stories and creativity can stage a play that celebrates and reflects on American life. Try to involve your kids in researching the history of the Fourth of July as well as the writing of the screenplay so they can understand why Independence Day is such an important holiday. You can find inspiration from historical events like the making of the American flag or the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Put together costumes for your characters and collect any props you’ll need. Your play can make its first debut at the extended family barbecue or at the park before the fireworks show starts.

8. Play backyard games.

Backyard games provide the perfect opportunity for your friends and extended family to bond outdoors. You can arrange for a patriotic scavenger hunt where players look for red, white, and blue things on a list or set up a 4th of July history treasure hunt. If your family is more crafty than sporty, have everyone decorate all the old soup cans you have in the house with strips of duct tape. Arrange several cans to form a triangle and you’ll have yourself a fun game of yard bowling.

Celebrate the 4th of July in Buxton, Maine, with a healthy smile.

Going on a picnic, decorating T-shirts, or playing backyard games is no fun when you’re wrestling with a toothache. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll develop a plan to meet your unique dental care needs so you can celebrate the 4th of July (and every day after that) with a healthy smile.