Daily dental care doesn’t really change as we continue to age. Brushing your teeth, flossing between each and rinsing are steps we take daily to ensure our dental health is optimal. Our lifestyle habits will dictate the state of our teeth as we go through life, and the results will steer how we need to take care of our teeth going forward. Some need dentures, some have sensitivity to heat or cold – regardless of the issue, the better we treat our teeth, the longer we get to keep them. As you progress into your later years, keep these tips in mind to ensure your smile remains just as lovely as ever:

Some things never change. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the basics of your daily dental routine shouldn’t change. If you find it difficult to complete this routine, you may need alternative methods to your routine, like an electric version.

Sensitive teeth are natural. If you find that your teeth have become sensitive to hot and cold foods, try switching your toothpaste to a more tooth-sensitive variety.

Your mouth can say more than words. Not only can your mouth affect other health issues, but the reverse is also true. Talk to your dentist about any health issues you have. Some conditions and/or medications can cause oral health issues.

There’s no lost and found for teeth. If you have lost a tooth, or some that have loosened, make an appointment to visit your dentist as soon as possible. There are dentures and other dental implants that can replace the problem and improve your smile.

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