5 Things You’ll Love about E4D Same-Day Crowns

If you have any experience with traditional crowns, you will know that it can be a time-consuming, messy process, with the design specifications of your new tooth possibly getting lost in translation. But that has all changed with the latest development in dental technology, namely E4D same-day crown restoration.

What if we told you your new crown can be ready in just one visit with the design, manufacturing, milling, and restoration happening right there and then? Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? It isn’t, not with E4D same-day crowns. There are no more invasive procedures, no long waiting periods for your crown to come back, or the inconvenience of it not fitting correctly. And best of all it is available at Tory Hill Dental right here in Buxton, Maine.

Dr. Fenn’s practice is one of the very few that are able to offer this incredible treatment in the Maine area. As a dentist, he understands that time and money are precious to you, and same-day crowns save you both. They are also more durable than traditional crowns, which means a long-lasting treatment that will prevent further damage down the line.

We asked a few of Dr. Fenn’s satisfied patients to tell us what they love most about E4D same-day crowns. Here’s what we hear most often.

1. E4D same-day crowns save you time.

With E4D same-day crowns, there are no more lengthy appointments with long waiting periods and a temporary crown in between. In just one appointment, Dr. Fenn and our team will take digital images along with impressions and then transfer them to the design center, right here in our offices.

A 3D impression is made, and a hi-tech milling machine creates your new replacement tooth within a few minutes. Dr. Fenn designs, shapes and customizes your crown while you wait, ensuring that it fits perfectly. And you leave with a same-day crown that looks and feels as natural as your own teeth.

2. They’re just better.

Because the digital images are so exact, taking into account everything from your bite, to your teeth’s contours, E4D same-day crowns just fit better. Also, because Dr. Fenn is able to shape and customize your crown there and then, there is no chance of a technician in an off-site lab working off incorrect specifications on a piece of paper.

Something else you will love is that E4D same-day crowns are available in a wide range of shades and gradients of colors, which means your restoration will match your existing teeth perfectly.

3. With E4D same-day crowns, you don’t need temporary crowns.

Unlike traditional crowns, there is no need for a temporary crown while you wait for your new crown to arrive. And those temporaries are uncomfortable, can stain, and even make your teeth sensitive.

Patients also appreciate that the process is quick, easy, and more importantly, putty-free. No more messy and unappealing dental impression trays and inaccurate results.    

4. E4D same-day crowns are safe.

With E4D same-day crowns, the technology used to take the 3D images is quick and easy and far more comfortable than traditional X-rays or dental impressions, which is a major benefit.

Also, the crowns are made using a high-quality ceramic that provides you with a new tooth that is as strong as your own teeth. There is no need for any kind of metal that can irritate your gums. E4D same-day crowns are more durable and can contract or expand with different temperatures. This means you are able to eat more of your favorite foods, without worrying about sensitivity.

5. They are more affordable.

E4D same-day crowns don’t only save you more time, but they also save you money. Traditional crowns are made in a laboratory off-site, which includes additional costs like transport, lab technician fees, and a whole lot more.

And of course, traditional crowns could take two to three visits to the dentist. E4D crowns are made on-site, in a short amount of time, cutting out the middleman and the need for several appointments.

If you haven’t had the time or the budget to restore your smile, it is time you made an appointment with Dr. Fenn today. If you are wondering whether you are a suitable candidate, E4D Same-Day Crowns are best for:

  • Protecting your tooth that has been weakened by cavities or decay.
  • Covering a discolored tooth.
  • Strengthening a tooth that is broken or fractured.
  • Reinforcing your tooth after a root canal.
  • Restoring the size and shape of worn down teeth.

The team at Tory Hill Dental will answer any questions you might have and even assist with a payment plan. Make your appointment today. We’ll see you there.


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