Have you ever wondered how dentistry got its start? How was it determined that the best course of action is to brush your teeth twice daily, floss daily, and rinse your mouth with a fluoridated mouthwash? How did dental technology get its start? How did the concept of crowns, veneers, and other dental services come to be? Though we might not have answers to every question, we know that the dental industry is regularly evolving.

A Brief Look at the History of Dentistry

The history of dentistry dates back as early as 7000 B.C. to the Indus Valley Civilization in what is now known as Pakistan. However, it wasn’t until approximately 5000 B.C. that historians were able to identify dentistry and tooth decay descriptions. Early civilizations believed that tooth worms caused tooth decay, and that belief lingered until the 1700s.

Hippocrates and Aristotle are believed to have written teachings about dentistry in ancient Greece. And in 1530, a book titled “The Little Medicinal Book for All Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities of the Teeth” was written and published by German Artzney Buchlein. This book was written for barbers and dentists!

The early dental practitioner, what we might now call a dentist, originated back in 1092. However, when Pope Cyril II of Alexandria decreed that priests and monks should take on a new look with a shaven face and unique hairstyle, it created a new profession to maintain the look and barber-surgeons began to emerge. We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination because, thankfully, today’s modern dentistry is performed by skilled dentists who have obtained the proper education and credentials. Gone are the days of barbers playing with teeth. Today’s dentists are well-trained in comfort dentistry and dental technology, all with the promise of providing a seamless dental visit that is pain-free and faster than ever.

The Rise of Dental Technology

Today’s trips to the dentist are mostly pain-free, thanks to the emergence of dental technology. Dental technology is believed to have originated from dental implants, harking back to the Mayan civilization in 600 A.D. However, Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark developed the first scientifically documented dental implant system as recently as 1965. Now, dental implants are more popular than ever, providing an excellent alternative to patients living with a more traditional denture solution.

Just a few examples of how dentistry has changed over time are dental crowns, veneers, and emergency dentistry. Back in the day, many patients feared treatment and avoided specific dental procedures for fear of pain and discomfort. Thankfully, patients can remove those fears from their thought processes as getting dental crowns or veneers are not only great ways to improve your smile, but the process is pain-free. Further, emergency dentistry has experienced a host of improvements designed to take your pain away quickly so that you can get on with your day.

Dental Crowns

A popular form of dental technology for many patients is the dental crown. Tooth crowns are used to protect weak teeth, restore a broken tooth, support a tooth with a large filling, and hold a dental bridge in place. They can also be used to cover discolored or misshapen teeth or to cover dental implants. In most situations, dental crowns are made from precision-milled porcelain or full metal (gold or silver). These crowns are customized to the patient, and designed to provide a natural, long-lasting smile. Further, with same-day crown technology, the Tory Hill Dental Team can help you get on your way faster. If you have been avoiding a dentist visit or getting a dental crown, know that today’s dental crown procedures are painless.


Have you ever caught a glimpse of a celebrity smile as they flash those pearly whites for the camera? Many of today’s celebrities have embraced the concept of veneers, a dental technology product that enhances your smile. Determining if veneers are right for you is mostly a personal decision. At Tory Hill Dental, we use porcelain veneers to help with cosmetic dental issues such as misalignments, discolorations, chips, or short teeth.

Emergency Dentistry

Another dental service that has seen significant advancement is emergency dentistry. In the past, many patients feared going to see an emergency dentist, thinking that the appointment would be painful. But with technological advancements, emergency dentists have the necessary tools to treat severe pain and oral bleeding, tooth loss caused by an accident or severe trauma, loose teeth in adults, or oral infections. With the appropriate emergency dental treatment, patients can feel more comfortable and experience less pain than ever before.

Tory Hill Dental uses dental technology to treat patients more comfortably.

The Tory Hill Dental team is eager to talk to you about advancements in dental technology and techniques throughout the years. Not only do we strive to create the best patient experience, we believe we can make a real difference in how you view dental care. We’re ready to answer your questions. Give the Tory Hill Dental office a call or use our online form to request an appointment and get started on a more comfortable dental care experience.