According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 50% of Americans in the 30+ age group have periodontitis. To avoid being part of such a statistic, it’s important to find a good dentist and stick to your appointments. Finding a good dentist means looking for a qualified professional with extensive education and expertise in the dental field. The right dentist should also embody the following qualities.

Attention to Details

Do you know a dentist can help detect the signs of oral cancer by examining your mouth? Therefore, it’s crucial for a dentist to pay attention to even the smallest details. This can help you save money and help you avoid more serious problems down the line. For instance, if a dentist can spot a small dental problem, they can quickly get it fixed, so you don’t have to deal with an expensive bill down the line. In addition, you want a dentist that gives you peace of mind because you’re confident they can stay on top of all your dental issues instead of overlooking them.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Truth be told, a good number of people dread going to the dentist. You can easily overcome this reluctance when you find a friendly dentist who makes you feel comfortable. Hence, strong interpersonal skills are extremely valuable because they ensure you can stick to your dental appointments and stay ahead of your oral health. When your dentist takes the time to get to know you and talk with you, this will ease your mind. It’s always good to know you’re dealing with a kind of professional that listens to your concerns and empathizes with you. It’s also a tremendous bonus when the office staff provides you with excellent customer service.

Strong Passion for the Job

A dentist that’s passionate about their job will stand out easily. Quality dental offices are focused on providing exceptional service and ensuring a smooth customer experience. Because they want to help, a passionate dentist will make life easier for clients by offering payment plans and affordable treatment options. This helps encourage you to take care of your oral health.

These are all qualities that come in handy and which will benefit you in the long term. If you’re looking for a reputable and qualified dentist with these qualities and more, look no further than Tory Hill Dental. Contact us today.