We’ve come a long way since the horsehair “toothbrush”. With all progress, we evolve, so it is no wonder we found a better way to keep up with our dental health. After all, we use our mouths to eat, hydrate and communicate. The plastic stick with the softer bristles was a much-needed instrument to keep our dental health. Then comes the arrival of technology, and with that the electric toothbrush. But is the technological advance worth changing models?

Ease of use. Let’s face it – an electric toothbrush is obviously going to be easier to use. Yes, you do have to move your brush around, but you don’t have to do the actual brushing motion. All you do is hold your brush in the area to be cleaned, the brush does all the work with a spin of the bristles. Sadly, the electric version will probably scrub your teeth better than you can with a manual one. The point goes to electric.

Time to scrub. Do you know how long you’re supposed to brush your teeth? Are you brushing your teeth long enough? Dental professionals say two minutes is a good amount of time to ensure you have reached every tooth in your mouth. The dental average is thirty seconds. Not cleaning your teeth well will only lead to future dental issues. One of the more overlooked features of an electric toothbrush is the built-in timers included. Not only will your toothbrush tell you when you’ve been brushing enough, you’ll also learn how to keep your teeth healthy.

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