There are many American folklore heroes in our book of tall tales, but there is one hero that sticks out because his contribution to the fabric of America is still apparent today – Johnny Appleseed. Born as John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed was single-handedly responsible for 100,000 square miles of apple trees throughout the Midwest in the early 1800s. Johnny would travel through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois planting acres of apple trees, then selling the orchards to traveling settlers. While these apples were meant to make cider as opposed to the fruit we snack on today, American folklore still attributes the popularity of apples to him. In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day, let’s take a look at the benefits apples bring to our health.

When they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, they weren’t kidding. Apples can help improve your health from head to toe. Not only do you receive a helping of vitamins and nutrients, but apples can help stave off dementia and various forms of cancer, lower cholesterol, help with diabetes and assist in weight loss. If that’s not reason enough, snacking on apples will also improve your smile!

It’s true. Because apples are deliciously crispy, each bite you take takes a quick swipe at any debris left on your teeth, keeping any cavity-forming bacteria from doing damage. And because of their juicy goodness, snacking on apples will increase saliva production, adding another natural defense against bacteria wreaking havoc while also whitening your smile! Thank you, Mr. Appleseed.

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