Advances in technology and technique have made modern dentistry what it is today.

MondaySitting in your dentist’s chair for a routine check-up or a filling is an ordinary part of life, but take a moment to reflect on your visit and you’d be surprised at how things have changed since your childhood.

Look around the room and you’ll see interesting high-tech tools and machines. Consider how comfortable you feel sitting in your dentist’s chair, knowing your opinions and ideas are highly respected. You might even recall how easy or efficient getting dental work seems to be now, with once thought to be painful procedures, like root canal therapy, being a breeze.

The truth is modern dentistry has changed by leaps and bounds for the better, for both dental care professionals and patients like you.

Modern dentistry blends science and math with art and creativity.

When you think of the medical field or healthcare industry, words like “art” and “creativity” generally don’t spring to mind. Words like “science” and “math” seem to be a much more appropriate match. Surprisingly, modern dentistry actually combines all four of these categories.

The science and math behind modern dentistry comes in the form of advancing technology, medical trials for new materials, and stringent research into improving new and old dentistry procedures. You’ll see the results of these things in the tools and machinery in your dentist’s office as well as within the services you receive.

The art and creativity behind modern dentistry come in the form of creating unique smile designs for patients, crafting ever-more lifelike tooth prosthetics, and practicing progressive approaches in caring for and interacting with patients.

All of these factors work together in harmony. Science and math ensure that your dental work is long-lasting, effective, and safe. Art and creativity ensure that your dental work is also beautiful, realistic, and boosts your confidence.

Modern Progressive Dentistry and the “New-School” Approach to Patient Care

The change in modern dentistry most obvious to patients is how their dental team prioritizes their care. Patients aren’t customers buying products, patients are people. You might say that patient-centered care is an art in its own right.

Modern dental practices like Tory Hill Dental can be described as progressive dental practices. Progressive dentistry is the new-school approach to all facets of dental care, but particularly patient care.

Dentists focus on the big picture of caring for patients. Rather than fixing problems as they come, Dr. Fenn proactively addresses current oral health concerns while also anticipating future trouble before it can happen. This method is the most successful way of helping patients achieve consistent optimal oral health rather than the ups and downs of chronic tooth decay or gum disease.

Dental technology plays an important role in the proactive care of patient’s smiles.

Dental technology benefits your dentist as much as it does you.

Dr. Fenn’s office is outfitted with a number of tools and machines that benefit you as much as it does him and his dental team.

Digital X-rays and photography make taking images and radiographs of your smile a much more pleasant process. The faster images are able to be taken, the less time you have to sit waiting, and the quicker we can get started caring for your smile. Digital X-rays also expose you to far less radiation than standard systems.

Our specialized Biolase water and gum laser allow us to perform minor oral surgery with incredible precision and efficiency. A big advantage of laser dentistry is you experience greater comfort and a faster healing period compared to traditional methods.

If you’re getting a dental crown, we’ll use our E4D dentist system to model, design, create, and position your dental crown in one appointment. You won’t need to schedule multiple appointments or wait weeks in between like you may have in the past.

Even during a routine cleaning, you’ll feel more comfortable. The Tory Hill Dental team uses the AIR-FLOWhandy air polishing system to gently but effectively remove plaque from teeth, restorations, dental implants, and right along the gum line.

Respecting the Unique Nature of Every Person and Every Smile

No two people are the same and neither are any two smiles. When it comes to restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedures, we treat each patient as an individual with the goal of helping them get their vision of their ideal smile. Dr. Fenn tailors each dentistry service to work with the patient.

For example, porcelain veneers can give you a totally new Hollywood-esque smile or we can apply porcelain veneers strategically to enhance your natural smile for a “my smile but better” finish. You’ll be able to get the exact color, shade, and balance between translucency and opacity you’d like with the expert eye of Dr. Fenn and his team.

Highly versatile dental crowns will blend in seamlessly with your smile as the Tory Hill staff perfectly matche your existing teeth. What if you’re unhappy with your current smile shade but you’re due for a crown or other restorative procedure? Dr. Fenn will guide you towards first professionally whitening your smile to ensure the final result is perfect.

The artistic and creative sides of modern dentistry are best seen in how stunning and realistic finished prosthetics look.

Choosing Tory Hill Dental as Your Permanent Dental Home

If you’d like to experience how far modern dentistry has come, Dr. Fenn and the team welcome you to choose Tory Hill Dental as your dental home. We provide comprehensive dental care services to the Buxton community and the surrounding area.

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