We all love a good tip to improve our health, but there are so many out there proven false that it’s difficult to weed out truth from myth. Trends will come and go but the good ones will stick around for eons. One of the latest trends has been oil pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice with more health benefits than one would think, especially your oral health.

First thing’s first: what is oil pulling? Oil pulling is basically swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for up to 20 minutes. The oil then detoxes your mouth and as you continue to do it daily, it continues to improve various health issues. The type of oil doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as it’s a healthy one. Sesame and sunflower are great options but coconut oil is the trendiest of the healthy oils due to its incredible health benefits. What kinds of improvements will swishing oil bring, you ask? Take a look at the list!

Full body detox. The problem with bacteria is that it loves dark damp places, so the mouth is a great place for it to move in and set up camp. The longer it lingers, the more damage and disease it can leave on your body.

Works from the inside out. As toxins are leaving your body, you will begin to notice that your skin is looking better and better. Oil pulling

Better than aspirin. Oil pulling is great to help those that suffer from regular headaches or migraines. One of the main reasons you may be getting these head pains is due to an overload of toxins. Oil pulling will get rid of those toxins.

Hormonal changes are under control. As the toxins are diminished, your body can focus on other things as it continues to improve your health.

So far, these are all great benefits, but I know what you’re thinking – What can it do for my mouth? If the mouth is the focus of bacteria, what does oil pulling do for that? We were just about to get there…

Fresh breath. One of the reasons one has bad breath is because of bacteria build-up in the mouth. Since the oil rids your mouth of bacteria, it simultaneously rids it of your halitosis.

Pearly whites. Save some money by swapping out your whitening products for oil pulling! Over-the-counter products are full of bleach and chemicals. Oil pulling is one way to naturally whiten your teeth at home.

No more plaque. Plaque is the beginning of periodontal disease, oil pulling helps detoxify your mouth by reducing the harmful bacteria that lead to plaque build-up. Add this to your daily dental routine for added protection against cavity-causing bacteria.

Bleeding gums are a thing of the past. As plaque progresses further, it leads to gingivitis. Bleeding gums are one of the symptoms of gingivitis. Oil pulling helps reduce the swelling as it heals your bleeding gums and reverses gingivitis.

It is safe to say that this ancient practice is not only the newest trend, but it’s difficult to contest that it works. The health benefits speak for themselves.

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