Family-Friendly Places to Visit This Summer in Buxton, Maine

Are you ready for some summer fun? We are too. That’s why we want to tell you all about some of our favorite family-friendly places in Buxton. We hope our list inspires you to make our little town one of your “Maine” stops.

Saco River Theater

Near the banks of the Saco River is the Saco River Theater, a performing arts center dedicated to providing diversified cultural and educational programs while promoting local talent. Spend quality time with your family as you watch a play, enjoy some music, or look at art.

You can connect with the organizers through their Facebook page or website to find out what’s showing and book your tickets in advance.

Carroll Park

Buxton, Maine, is lucky to have six public parks, and if we had to pick our favorite one it would definitely be Caroll Park. At just under 5 acres, it offers off-street parking and has a lovely playground ideal for young children. There’s also plenty of space to lay out a picnic spread and, afterward, you can take a stroll on the path that circles the outer perimeter of the park. It’s a wonderful place to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon as you watch the little ones play.

Snell Family Farm

Snell Family Farm has been a fixture in southern Maine since the early 1920s. It started as a poultry farm and later grew into an orchard. Now locals and visitors alike can visit the farm and pick their own fruit. Apple picking starts mid-September and continues until mid-October, while raspberry picking is in July and August. You can also buy their high-quality farm products in Buxton or at the Portland Farmers Market. Check out their website to plan your visit.

Maine Wildlife Park

A summer vacation without seeing some cute, furry wild animals? We can’t even imagine it. Luckily, when you visit Buxton, Maine, you won’t have to. Maine Wildlife Park has over 30 species of animals that call the park home. It’s the perfect place for families to visit and learn all about wild animals. Kids can feel the furs of different animals and, if you’re up for it, you’ll get a chance to feed the bears!

With its numerous trails, a museum, and free-roaming wildlife, Maine Wildlife Park has something for the whole family.

Buxton Common

Few things in Buxton Maine can stir up an appetite like the gold-lettered sign near the intersection of Routes 22 and 202, marking the front lawn of the Buxton Common. The menu may change regularly, but satisfaction from the mouth-watering “trays” is a constant. All the meats are perfectly smoked, flavorful, and tender. You’ll also find a variety of familiar salads with a slight twist and a great selection of dessert options for the little ones—all at an affordable price. Spice up your vacation (and your tummy) and enjoy the delicious food at this fine establishment. Be sure to try the buttery biscuits—they’d make any Southern grandma proud.

Estes Farm

Picking fruit is a great way to get outside and have some fun in Buxton, Maine. With over 2000 berry bushes, Estes Farm has the most variety and the best quality of blueberries in the region—earning a spot in our list of places to visit this summer. Estes farm is located 4 miles from Gorham on Waterman Road, and the picking season normally starts mid- to late July and lasts until the end of August. But, like any other fruit, the start and length of the season depends on the weather and how quickly the berries ripen.

Blueberry picking is a family activity everyone can enjoy, and one that leads to delicious, sweet-flavored rewards.

Mousam Lake

Mousam Lake’s clear and calm waters make it the perfect setting for family vacations. This 3-mile-long lake is ideal for swimming, boating, and fishing. Mousam Lake’s open-water fishing season runs from April 1 to December 31, while fishing derbies and bass tournaments occur throughout the year. If fishing isn’t your style, that’s okay too. You can spend a relaxing day on the picture-perfect lake shoreline or rent one of the cabins hidden in the trees and enjoy some quality time with your family.

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