If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that summertime is the perfect time for a treat. And the most craved are the cool ones. The sun is beating down upon us and we will do anything to try and stay cool. Pools, air conditioners, and cool snacks are all the rage during this time of year. But when it comes to our teeth, it is important to keep what we choose to snack on in mind.

Ice cream. Obviously, the go-to snack during a heatwave is ice cream. It’s frozen, sweet, and perfect during the heat. And it is the sweet factor that is the issue. Plaque needs sugar to survive and cause cavities – the more sugar you eat, the easier it is to cause some dental issues. We understand it’s so tempting as the temperature rises. Instead of choosing your favorite flavor, try choosing sugar-free or less sugary options. And after you indulge in your chilly treat, make sure you rinse your mouth with some water. This will wash away some of the sugar so plaque doesn’t have a chance to find it.

Sugary drinks. If there’s anything an ice-cold soda pop can do, it’s cooldown an overheating body. The problem is that they are chockful of sugar. Just like ice cream, drinking a lot of soda or other sugary drinks to cool down only gives plaque more chance to find it, causing future dental issues. It is also important to understand sugar dehydrates you, so make sure to drink lots of water as well.

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