Your pearly whites

There is nothing that is more attractive than a perfect smile. Two rows of straight, glistening teeth speak volumes about your health and make a terrific first impression. Also, it is great for your self-esteem … Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that, at the very least, your mouth is flawless! It gives you something to smile about all day long.

A glistening grin makes you seem approachable (and sexy) from the moment you step into view.

In fact, brightening your teeth only a couple of shades can make a tremendous difference to your self-image as well as how others perceive you. That is probably why teeth whitening treatments are some of the most popular procedures in modern dentistry. Through our desire to show off our pearly whites and dazzle whatever room we’re in, there have been countless in-office and DIY options that have been developed to brighten your smile.

Because of the numerous options that are available to you, we wanted to talk about teeth whitening treatments and separate facts from fiction …

Store-bought teeth whitening kits are the same as at-home kits from a dental office

While many “store-bought teeth whitening kits” brag about how they are easy to use (and cheap) most “do it yourself” whitening alternatives end up costing you more money, due to their short-lived effects. Besides, most DIY kits use damaging abrasive components as ingredients that will agitate your mouth. Many of these harmful materials slowly erode the enamel of teeth, which will make your mouth more sensitive and make it easier for you to stain your teeth further down the road.

Sensitive teeth can’t be whitened (painlessly)

Many store-bought options will intensify teeth sensitivity. But, that is very rarely the case in teeth whitening treatments administered by a qualified dentist. With a limitless number of whitening possibilities at their beck and call, your dentist can work find a solution that will work with sensitive teeth.

Additionally, most of the custom home whitening kits are very quick and gentle. For example, your dentist may only need to recommend a daily-use toothpaste that is specifically designed for oral sensitivity. Problem solved!

Whitening treatments remove enamel

Though many DIY solutions usually contain abrasive components that can really damage tooth enamel – doctor-recommended teeth whitening treatments are intended to brighten your teeth and aid your oral health.

Rather than using a method that will strip your teeth of stains chemically, dentist-applied whitening options work by exposing your teeth’s pores. This lets their gentle whitening properties whiten the tooth systemically (from the inside) – minus harming the enamel.

Teeth whitening makes teeth look “unnatural”

Regardless of what you may have seen on “that one episode from Friends”, your teeth will not glow in the dark after a whitening treatment. It is the goal of your dentist to create a realistic (yet brighter) smile

Teeth whitening is permanent

Teeth whitening does require a little upkeep. Many DIY treatments last anywhere from several hours to a week, but (in many cases) a whitening from your doctor can last up to 2 years!

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