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Ouch! Is that a toothache? Most of us tend to schedule dental visits only when we have an immediate need, such as tooth pain. Unfortunately, pain is the body’s response to a problem, by the time the patient feels pain, a problem that may have been easy to treat may have advanced and become much more difficult.

Though tooth decay is the primary cause of toothaches for most adults, other causes can consist of:

-An accumulation of food and debris between your teeth
-Infection at the root of the tooth or in the gums
-Trauma to the tooth, including injury or grinding your teeth
-Sudden fracture of the tooth or tooth root
-A split in the tooth that occurs over time
-Tooth eruption through the gums (teething)
-Sinus infection that can be felt as pain in the teeth(Source: mayoclinic.org)

However, there are many different types of dental pain, for example:

-Pain when biting down on food is often caused by decay (cavity) or cracked teeth, and depending on the severity of the decay, may require an endodontist to perform a root canal to clean out the damaged nerve pulp within the tooth.

-Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink may not be a serious problem, especially if only lasts a few moments after contact. However, if it lasts longer than a few moments, it could be caused by decay, a loose filling, or an exposed tooth root due to receding gums.

-Constant pain along the gum line can be caused by periodontal disease and can be accompanied by swelling and bleeding gums. Periodontal disease should be treated quickly, as it often involves both teeth and gums, and the infection can spread causing significant health problems.

-A dull ache or feeling of pressure above your upper teeth may not be tooth-related at all – sometimes it can be sinus congestion from a cold or flu. Of course, it could also be tooth-related, as dull aches can also be caused by grinding or clenching, which can cause significant problems to your teeth over time.

If you experience tooth pain, be sure to make an appointment to have your dentist check on the underlying cause as soon as possible. Finding and treating the cause early can save both pain and money, as most of the underlying causes of pain tend to become more expensive to fix the longer they’re left untreated. Regular cleanings and checkups are a great opportunity for your dentist to find small problems before they turn into big problems, hopefully keeping your mouthy healthy enough that you’ll have no tooth pain at all.

One can prevent the majority of dental problems by flossing, brushing, and using many different products, such as fluoride-containing rinses and toothpaste, and having teeth professionally cleaned on a regular schedule.

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