There is a huge difference between not needing any assistance with your teeth at all, and needing dentures. While tooth loss may automatically have you thinking that you need traditional dentures, this just isn’t the case. There are other solutions available, and while ideally, you won’t need them anytime soon, it’s important to know what kinds of options are available.

While tooth loss is not overly common, it can occur under many different conditions. Quite often, tooth loss occurs due to tooth decay or disease. An individual could be suffering from tooth decay without realizing how serious the issue is — until it is too late, and they need extractions. On the other hand, you may need tooth repair or replacements following a tooth trauma. Issues like car accidents or simply heavy falls can leave adults without their permanent teeth. Fortunately, dentistry offers a great solution — dental implants. However, many people don’t understand exactly how dental implants work. Let’s look into what you should know ahead of time about dental implants.

1. They’re Effective

Dental implants are meant to be permanent, and in the majority of cases, they are effective in this sense. While there are circumstances in which dental implants may need to be replaced down the road, 90 to 95% of dental implants are successful after 35 years of use.

2. They’re Not Just Aesthetically Pleasing

In many cases, dentistry solutions for missing or broken teeth have been meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but not necessarily physically practical. Think of veneers; these can give a great appearance, but they don’t strengthen or reinforce your teeth. Dental implants are meant to act as your natural teeth would. Therefore, you’re both filling in literal gaps in your smile, and making it easier for you to chew and eat as needed.

3. They Mimic Your Teeth’s Appearance

Many people express concerns about their teeth looking unnatural following the addition of dental implants. However, dental implants are modeled to mimic the natural appearance of your teeth perfectly. In an ideal circumstance, cosmetic dentistry experts will take molds of your natural teeth before they are replaced by dental implants, though provisions can be made if the teeth are lost first. They are matched to your natural teeth in color as well.

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