As children, the biggest bummer is having to brush our teeth. Mom and dad would always make it a big deal and if anything, it was fear of the dentist that kept our teeth clean. As kids, it’s difficult to understand what a cavity is, but facts are facts – no one wants to sit in a dentist’s chair.

The symptoms aren’t obvious. In fact, you really don’t know you have one until you have a check-up. And your basic check-up is all it takes. A set of x-rays will tell a dentist how well you take care of your teeth. The worse you do, the more work it will take to return your teeth back to functioning well.

Cavities are made by plaque bacteria breaking down your tooth’s enamel. They essentially dig a hole in teeth to live. They eat all the sugary foods we enjoy, then make holes in our teeth waiting for their next meal. Not generally known to be painful, cavities can be completely painless if caught early enough. This is why it’s so important to brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing and flossing take away the leftover food so plaque bacteria can’t eat it.

If you happen to have a cavity, how do you fix it? Chances are, it will be fixed with a filling. The damaged part of the tooth is removed and a filling will replace it, making it good as new. But this shouldn’t give you license to treat your smile badly. The best defense is good dental hygiene.

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