Invisalign Cost and Process

Invisalign could be the ideal option if you want to achieve that Hollywood smile. This treatment is ideal for anyone who has had braces in the past and needs further correction, as well as those who have never had any kind of straightening done in the past. It works by gradually straightening your teeth, closing any gaps while also drastically improving your smile.

Are you an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is suited to nearly every dental treatment. First, you will have an impression taken of your mouth, and this is then used to create a custom tray. The tray is catered to your mouth, and it is designed to move your teeth over time. As your teeth gradually move into a better position, more trays will be created. This ensures that your teeth continue to move as required.

When you have your tray fitted, you will need to wear it throughout the day and at night. If you can commit to wearing it all the time, then you will see bigger and better results. The tray will be created for you personally, so you can expect a comfortable fit.

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Do you think that you could be a good candidate for Invisalign? Maybe you just want to have your teeth whitened and at the same time, get them straightened. Either way, we are able to work with you to make sure that you get the best experience out of your dental work, and we can also help you to be as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Are you also wondering about the Invisalign cost in Maine? Give us a call!



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